Although summer is on the way here in Australia, the nights can still have a bit of a crisp edge to them. We’ve found some lovely snuggly PJs and cotton quilts and blankets that will take that edge right off.

Not all of us have the time (or skill, or inclination) to make our children their very own quilts, yet it can be such a practical and meaningful gift. Luckily for the time poor, we have discovered Naaya by Moonlight - and their quilts are not only beautiful, but are even quilted by hand.

Founder and designer Chaandni Singh took inspiration from the birth of her own son, Ayaan, to develop these lovely lightweight cotton quilts and blankets and subsequently included in the range organic cotton pyjamas too. The line centres around four different motifs – giraffe, whale, elephant and owl. All are made from lovely crisp cottons and are perfect for those summer days when you need just a little bit more warmth.

Anyone who has dabbled at all in quilting can tell you the level of commitment that it takes to hand quilt a blanket (hint: lots), and that high level of workmanship is the basis for all the quilts from Naaya by Moonlight. The whimsical animal prints are achieved using the traditional art of block printing – time consuming, but the result is definitely worth it.

The range has recently expanded to include organic cotton pyjamas in colours and styles that match the quilts. They are available in a snug fit in sizes one to five.

Quilts from Naaya by Moonlight will set you back US$110, with three-layer organic cotton blankets at US$70. Organic cotton pyjamas are US$42. You’ll need to get in touch with them for a quote for postage to your part of the world if you live outside the US. You can buy all of them and see all the styles in full at their website.